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 [[madoverlord:​Robots-BATTLEBOT|Birth of a BattleBot]] [[madoverlord:​Robots-BATTLEBOT|Birth of a BattleBot]]
-<WRAP left leftalign>​ 
-=== Adventures in Altitude === 
-Around 2000, we got a little\\ 
-infatuated with rock climbing... 
-[[madoverlord:​Climbing-ANEWROPE|A New Rope]] 
-[[madoverlord:​Climbing-DADDY|The Daddy Strikes Back]] 
-[[madoverlord:​Climbing-UNREADY|The Return of the Unready]] 
-[[madoverlord:​Climbing-MENACE|The Mock-Rock Menace]] 
-[[madoverlord:​Climbing-TABLEROCK|Good Days at Table Rock]] 
-[[madoverlord:​Climbing-ALONE|Terrorizing an Uncle]] 
-[[madoverlord:​Climbing-2MEN|2 Men and a Mountain]] 
-[[madoverlord:​Climbing-ARYN|Red Head vs. Hard Rock!]] 
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 [[madoverlord:​Projects-BYEBYENET|How to Destroy the Internet]] [[madoverlord:​Projects-BYEBYENET|How to Destroy the Internet]]
-</​WRAP>​ +=== Adventures in Altitude ===
-<WRAP left leftalign>​+
 +Around 2000, we got a little\\
 +infatuated with rock climbing...
-=== Events ===+[[madoverlord:​Climbing-ANEWROPE|A New Rope]]
 +[[madoverlord:​Climbing-DADDY|The Daddy Strikes Back]]
 +[[madoverlord:​Climbing-UNREADY|The Return of the Unready]]
 +[[madoverlord:​Climbing-MENACE|The Mock-Rock Menace]]
 +[[madoverlord:​Climbing-TABLEROCK|Good Days at Table Rock]]
-Some family events from the turn of the century.+[[madoverlord:​Climbing-ALONE|Terrorizing an Uncle]] 
 +[[madoverlord:​Climbing-2MEN|2 Men and a Mountain]] 
 +[[madoverlord:​Climbing-ARYN|Red Head vsHard Rock!]] 
 +=== Events ===
 +Some family events from the\\
 +turn of the century.
 [[madoverlord:​Events-PINEWOOD|Pinewood Derby / Space Center 2003]] [[madoverlord:​Events-PINEWOOD|Pinewood Derby / Space Center 2003]]