EViE : EVE Online Skill Training Monitor (Projects)

March 2015 - changes to the EVE API have rendered EViE obsolete; this page is here for historical reference only


EViE was a web-based EVE-Online skill monitor applet for the iPhone / iPod Touch. It runs entirely in the built-in Safari browser, with a little help from a proxy server that I maintained.

In addition, EViE could run on desktop machines using Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 7. When run on a computer browser, EViE ran in a multicolumn mode to make the best use of the window size you give it.

I wrote EViE in order to tutor myself in the basics of writing AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) web applications, and also to learn more about my iPhone.

I am indebted to Althea Nar'agh, author of Google Eve Monitor, and Blue Wraith, author of the Eve Skill Monitor Dashboard Widget, whose code was extremely helpful as I was figuring out how to access the EVE API. A few traces of their code linger in EViE (it's the well-written stuff!). I have endeavored to comment the Javascript in some detail, so those interested in fooling around with AJAX and iPhone webapps may find a perusal of the source of interest (or, more likely, amusement).

Because of the restrictions on AJAX access to remote webservers, I had to implement a simple (ok, down-right stupid) proxy server to run on one of my Mac OS X servers. It's just smart enough to serve the applet and provide access to the EVE API server, as well as implement simple server-side cookies in order to save your preferences and implement preference-sharing, and most recently, manage and send skill training alerts via email.

EViE features included:

  • Automatic loading of character and skill information.
  • Large countdown timer.
  • Alerts you if the end time is during or near the daily downtime.
  • Selectable display of skills (All, Known, Partially-Trained, or None). Known skills are displayed in green, partially-trained in yellow, and unknown in grey.
  • Optional display of skill descriptions, training time to next level and skill prerequisites.
  • Skill prioritization, so you can keep track of your training plans.
  • Interactive keyword search of skill names and descriptions. Wanna find all the skills that might affect your CPU usage? Now it's easy!
  • Nice background image (a tiled version of the DEM L 190 Supernova Remnant). This can be disabled if you do not share my taste in nebulae.
  • Automatic and manual refresh.
  • Mimics the iPhone interface fairly decently.
  • Lots of preferences, stored in cookies both on your device and on the proxy server. If you are running EViE both on your iPhone and on a browser on your computer, preference changes you make to one will appear on the other! This is very handy when changing skill training priorities!
  • Can display Race / Bloodline / Gender and complete Attribute & Implant information.
  • Ability to send alerts via email when your skill training is about to complete!
  • Multicolumn mode when you're not running on an iPhone.
  • If you add the page to your Home Screen, it'll use your character's image as the icon.
  • Optional manual override of implant bonuses.
  • Displays the skill training queue, and warns you when you need to add skills.

In developing EViE, I found a lot of useful information about the EVE API and the iPhone. Here are some links you may find useful:

©2008 Robert Woodhead. Released under GPL – though parts of the CSS are cribbed from Apple's style samples.