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ShellShell OSX Shell Macros (Projects)

> Current Version : ShellShell 1.1.0 of March 2nd, 2002 (Minor improvements, UI glitch fixed) Click here to download ({pageViews()} visitors - {downLo

A Graphical User Interface for the Mac OS X Shell

Current Version : ShellShell 1.1.0 of March 2nd, 2002 (Minor improvements, UI glitch fixed)

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As everyone knows, lurking underneath the fancy Aqua interface of Mac OS X is a nifty UNIX system. By using the Terminal application, you can open a user shell, “look behind the curtain,” and execute UNIX commands. But unless you've got some UNIX experience, using the shell commandline interface can be intimidating. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a nice “Aquatic” interface to the shell?

ShellShell is a scriptable application that can do just this - provide a friendly OS X user interface to any UNIX command. For example, the calendar command looks like this…

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ShellShell macro scripts define the user interface for a particular command, and how the options interact to form the final command string. For example, the script for the cal command looks like this:

<IMG SRC=“script.gif”>

I've written a few scripts for some common commands, but I'm depending on the community to come up with more (and find ones that the current scripting language can't handle).

The scripting language is actually fairly powerful. Some UI elements can have “slave” elements, you can define arbitrary mutually exclusive groups, and even use PopUp menus.


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