Motorama 2006 Videos (Robots)

Totally Offensive went 3-2 and took 3rd at Motorama, but the big news was the debut of Dick Stuplich's F-Bomb, which took the 30lb undercutter spinner to a whole new level. Dick beat TO before the fight even started by cleverly raising up his blade, and TO got a bit chewed upon; nothing that can't be fixed, however – and we'll be making a few changes in hopes of defusing the F-Bomb.

We drove up with Peter and Andrew of Team Rolling Thunder, and their new 12lb undercutter, Surgical Strike, also had an impressive debut, also placing third.

Here are videos of fights by TO, Team Rolling Thunder's three bots, and F-Bomb. They are from a hand-held camera with a variety of overexcited young cameramen, so please excuse the new-age shakycam. Also, apologies in advance for any mistakes with the robot names, I don't have a fight tree handy.

As these videos are encoded with the H.264 codec, you will need Quicktime 7 in order to view them.

CheapShot vs. Auto Destruct

CheapShot vs. Rants Pants

CheapShot vs. Skittlebrau

CheapShot vs. ???

F-Bomb vs. Helios

F-Bomb vs. Manji

F-Bomb vs. Dark Thunder

F-Bomb vs. Helios (Final)

F-Bomb vs. Totally Offensive

Surgical Strike vs. Appliances (Grudge)

Surgical Strike vs. Auto Destruct

Surgical Strike vs. Igoo

Surgical Strike vs. One Fierce Bulldog

Surgical Strike vs. Wardog

Totally Offensive vs. Col. Angus (Morpheus)

Totally Offensive vs. KnuckleBuster

Totally Offensive vs. Xhilarating Impax

Totally Offensive vs. Helios

Xhilarating Impax vs. Tripolar

Xhilarating Impax vs. Shiny Metal Box