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Inexpensive Replacement Brush Caps for the S28 MagMotor

I go through a few of these brush caps every season, because the clamping studs I use on the Whyachi TWM-3RS gearbox used on Totally Offensive requires filing them down to permit the passage of 2 of the studs. There's only a couple of places you can get them, and the price is around $16.00 for a set of 4 caps! I think what's happening is that the only source of these caps in small quanitities is Satcon (makers of the MagMotor) and that its such a low-volume item for them that their overheads jack up the price.

Anyway, this annoyed me so much that I tracked down the manufacturer of the caps. Their minimum order quantity was 500, and the price break for 1000 was so nice that for about 10% more I could get 1000 caps. So now I have a metric sh*tload of brush caps, and can offer them to the robot fighting community. Hopefully I have purchased a lifetime supply – for everyone in the sport!

These caps do not come with the little felt insulating rings that fit between the caps and the brush assemblies. These little rings are apparently thermal insulators, but (a) you probably still have them and (b) I've left them out with no bad effects.

If you see me at an event, I can give you as many as you need for 50 cents a cap. If you want to put me through the hassle of mailing you some, the price is higher unless you buy a handful, but still a big savings over the traditional price. These prices include shipping and mishandling anywhere in the US/Canada. If you're somewhere else, buy 20 caps and I'll eat the extra postage. Here are the PayPal buttons.

**Item** **Price**
S28 MagMotor Brush Caps - 4 Caps @ 1.00/Cap $4.00
S28 MagMotor Brush Caps - 20 Caps @ 0.50/Cap $10.00