North Carolina Robot Street Fight 12/02 (Robots)

On Sunday, December 7th 2002, despite freezing cold, and a historic ice storm, the North Carolina Robot Street Fight was held in Salisbury, NC. A great time was had by all.

Although Red Menace went 0-2, some valuable lessons were learned. In the first fight, one of the battery connectors came loose and we lost half our power, which then caused radio problems. After jury-rigging alternate power connections, we had an exciting second fight, surviving being flipped (we were not invertable because we were close to our weight limit) and delivering a mighty whack that bent the other robot but, alas, screwed up the receiver power link I'd cobbled together. Oh well…

Below the images gallery are links to over 40 MPEG-4 quicktime movies, mostly fights of the larger bots because we only brought a couple of tapes. Enjoy!

These movies were videotaped on DV by my son James, age 9.99; he worked hard all day and stayed up way past his bedtime to fill up 2 tapes of video. This was the first time he'd used a video camera, and we would like to thank the drivers who graciously spared some space on the platform in order that he could get close with the tripod. If any of you would like full-resolution clips of your fights, please let us know. Also, my apologies for the slight audio whine, this was caused by an import problem in iMovie that I hope to fix eventually.