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-<​html><​a href="​http://​media.madoverlord.com/​Lg/​DSC011/​DSC01107.JPG" target="​_blank"><​img src="​http:/​wiki.animeigo.com/​MO/​Sm/​DSC011/​DSC01107.jpg"></​a></​html><​+<​html><​a href="​http://​media.madoverlord.com/​Lg/​DSC011/​DSC01107.JPG"><​img src="​http:​//​wiki.animeigo.com/​MO/​Sm/​DSC011/​DSC01107.jpg"></​a></​html><​
 As part of the ongoing effort to improve [[madoverlord:​robots-redmenace|Red Menace]], As part of the ongoing effort to improve [[madoverlord:​robots-redmenace|Red Menace]],
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 ' PROGRAM: ​   BS2SX PWM Read Test ' PROGRAM: ​   BS2SX PWM Read Test
 ' Written by: Robert J Woodhead ' Written by: Robert J Woodhead
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  ' virtual joystick values!  ' virtual joystick values!
  goto main:  goto main: