Robocide 01/03 (Robots)

The kids had to head back to North Carolina for school, but I stayed an extra week in Florida to compete in Robocide 2003, a new competition. Unfortunately, once again I had weird radio problems with Red Menace and went 0-2. After much analysis I found that the battery pack powering the IFI radio in the robot would, if hit in a particular way, go intermittent and lock up the radio. !&#(@!#*@*!!!

I sort of got drafted into doing a lot of videotaping of the competition. My apologies concerning the quality of some of the early rounds, at that point I was using a fixed camera angle high in the corner of the box. I later jury-rigged a camera platform in the corner of the box, and finally broke down and went and bought a cheapo tripod.

But before we get to that, here are some pictures from the competition (the kids belong to my good friends the Greenbergs, btw…)

On to the videos. Here are the competition trees for the 4 weight classes; each class was double-elimination. The winner of each fight is listed in boldface, and if the fight appears as a link, click on it to see video of the fight!

These videos appear by kind permission of Robocide's Big Kahuna, Ken Gentry, who will soon be releasing a DVD set of the competition (using this and other video sources). I will be happy to provide full-size video clips to builders who support Ken by buying the DVD.

Lightweight - Winner's Bracket
Chupacabra 2EZ
2EZ GutterRunner
Bye GutterRunner
2EZ Cast Iron Pig
Cast Iron Pig Bye
Cast Iron Pig Hexy Jr
RUNT Hexy Jr
2EZ YU812 The Magnificent Tuttle
Bye Magically Malicious
Magically Malicious YU812
YU812 Bye
YU812 ThunderWave The Return of Tuttle
Bad Buzzard Pursuer
Bad Buzzard ThunderWave
Bye Thunderwave
2EZ Major Divot Major Divot Pursuer
Code:BLACK Bye
Code:Black Dracolich
Dracolich Bye
CODE:Black Major Divot Lightweight Rumble
Major Divot Bye
Major Divot Furby's Revenge
Furby's Revenge Bye
Major Divot Street Thug Awards Ceremony (All Classes)
Afterburner Bye
AfterBurner Street Thug
Street Thug Bye
Street Thug Peanut
Little Piece of Hate Bye
Little Piece of Hate Peanut
Peanut Bye
Lightweight - Loser's Bracket
Chupacabra Bye
Chupacabra Little Piece of Hate AfterBurner Cast Iron Pig
Bye RUNT Little Piece of Hate Afterburner
RUNT Afterburner Afterburner Pursuer
Bye Bye Pursuer Street Thug
Bye Furby's Revenge Pursuer ThunderWave
Pursuer Bye Furby's Revenge Pursuer
Pursuer Dracolich
Bye Bye Pursuer YU812 Pursuer 2EZ
Bye Bad Buzzard Bad Buzzard CODE:Black
Bye Bye Bad Buzzard Magically Malicious
Bye Magically Malicious Bad Buzzard Peanut
Bye Bye Bad Buzzard YU812
Bye Hexy Jr GutterRunner Peanut
Bye Bye Hexy Jr GutterRunner
Bye GutterRunner
MiddleWeight - Winners's Bracket
Speed Bump Caliban
Speed Bump Mutilator
Mutilator Red Square
Mutilator The Llama of Doom
The Llama of Doom Chopper
The Llama of Doom WarSaw
WarSaw The Orlando Commando
Mutilator Floorjack Floorjack Mutilator
Red Menace First Step to Oblivion
First Step to Oblivion Alabama Slammer
Alabama Slammer Fang Shui
Alabama Slammer Floorjack Middleweight Rumble
Whambulance Rabid Javelinas
Whambulance Floorjack
Heavy Metal Noise Floorjack
MiddleWeight - Losers's Bracket
Caliban Red Square
Red Square Whambulance The Orlando Commando The Llama of Doom
Chopper The Orlando Commando Whambulance The Orlando Commando
The Orlando Commando First Step to Oblivion The Orlando Commando Alabama Slammer The Orlando Commado Mutilator
Red Menace Fang Shui
Fang Shui WarSaw Speed Bump Alabama Slammer
Rabid Javelinas Heavy Metal Noise WarSaw Speed Bump
Heavy Metal Noise Speed Bump
Heavyweight - Winner's Bracket
8-Ball Interceptor
8-Ball Hexadecimator
Bye Hexadecimator
Hexadecimator Phrizbee
Spinister Bye
Spinister Phrizbee
Condor Phrizbee
Phrizbee The Other One
Bye Consistently Inconsistent
Consistently Inconsistent The Other One
The Other One Bye
The Other One The Edge
The Ridler Bye
The Ridler The Edge
The Edge Bye
Phrizbee CrabMeat CrabMeat Phrizbee
ShieldBreaker Bye
ShieldBreaker CrabMeat
CrabMeat Bye
CrabMeat Surgeon General Heavyweight Rumble
Surgeon General Bye
Surgeon General King of Diamonds
King of Diamonds Bye
CrabMeat Tornado Mer
4-letter word Bye
4-letter word Maximum Paralysis
Maximum Paralysis Bye
Maximum Paralysis Tornado Mer
Titanium Thunder Bye
Titanium Thunder Tornado Mer
Tornado Mer Bye
Heavyweight - Loser's Bracket
Interceptor Bye
Interceptor Titanium Thunder Condor Hexadecimator
Bye Condor Titanium Thunder Condor
Condor 4-letter word Hexadecimator King of Diamonds
Bye Bye Hexadecimator Tornado Mer
Bye King of Diamonds King of Diamonds The Edge
Bye Bye King of Diamonds ShieldBreaker
Bye ShieldBreaker
Bye Bye Hexadecimator Maximum Paralysis Hexadecimator Phrizbee
Bye The Ridler The Ridler Surgeon General
Bye Bye The Ridler Consistently Inconsistent
Bye Consistently Inconsistant Surgeon General Maximum Paralysis
Bye Bye Maximum Paralysis The Other One
Bye Spinister 8 Ball Maximum Paralysis
Bye Bye Spinister 8 Ball
Bye 8 Ball
Super-Heavyweight - Winners's Bracket
Hammertime SNUGGLES
SNUGGLES Eradicator
Bye OUCH!!
SNUGGLES Techno Destructo
Eradicator Bye
OUCH!! Techno Destructo
Techno Destructo SOSUME
Techno Destructo Mer Madd Techno Destructo Phrizbee-Ultimate
Hostile Intent Bad Dawg
Hostile Intent Countach
Son of Whyachi Countach
Countach Mer Madd Super-Heavyweight Rumble
Phrizbee-Ultimate The One
The One Mer Madd
Slaughterhouse 5 Mer Madd
Super-Heavyweight - Losers's Bracket
Hammertime Bye
Hammertime The One SOSUME SNUGGLES
SOSUME Hostile Intent SOSUME Phrizbee-Ultimate Phrizbee-Ultimate Mer Madd
Bad Dawg Son of Whyachi
Son of Whyachi OUCH!! Phrizbee-Ultimate Countach
Phrizbee-Ultimate Slaughterhouse 5 Son of Whyachi Phrizbee-Ultimate
Phrizbee-Ultimate Eradicator