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 ==== Utterly Offensive Build Report (Robots) ==== ==== Utterly Offensive Build Report (Robots) ====
 +**A design that never got built**
-In<TABLE BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=6 CELLSPACING=0 ALIGN=RIGHT><​TR><​TD VALIGN=TOP><​TABLE BORDER=0 ​<​html><​a href="​http://​media.madoverlord.com/​Lg/​_B1206/​_B120634.JPG"​ target="​_blank"><​img src="​http:/​wiki.animeigo.com/​MO/​Sm/​_B1206/​_B120634.jpg"></​a></​html>​+<​html><​a href="​http://​media.madoverlord.com/​Lg/​_B1206/​_B120634.JPG"​ target="​_blank"><​img src="​http:/​wiki.animeigo.com/​MO/​Sm/​_B1206/​_B120634.jpg"></​a></​html>​
 In light of the success of the current incarnation of In light of the success of the current incarnation of