Inoue Kikuko
井上 喜久子
Inoue Kikuko
Gender: Female
Born: September 25, 1964
Age: 17 (not really)
Occupation: Japanese voice actor


Inoue Kikuko is best known for her sweet voice. She performs the ending theme The Lost Way of Otaku along with Tanaka's voice actor Sakurai Toshiharu. Outside her roles for Misty May and Yoshiko in Otaku no Video, one of her most notable voices in anime is Belldandy in Ah! My Goddess. Before Otaku no Video, she voiced Tendō Kasumi in Ranma ½ and Electra in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. In the field of self-published works, she has also had a narration role in the dōjin animation Musō Kakyō; made by a group of Japanese gaming fans in 2008.


Over time, a running gag was developed around her: when introducing herself, she jokingly states that she is 17 years old; to which the audience is expected to respond with “Oi, oi!” (Hey now!) to call her out on this obvious falsehood.