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 <WRAP right rightalign>​ <WRAP right rightalign>​
 ^ <wrap bigger>​Tanaka Naeo</​wrap>​ ^ ^ <wrap bigger>​Tanaka Naeo</​wrap>​ ^
-| <​html><​a href="http://​wiki.animeigo.com/​ONVOE/​Cels-800/​OTAKU_01t.png" target="​_blank"><​img src="http://​wiki.animeigo.com/​ONVOE/​Cels-400-JPG/​OTAKU_01t.jpg"></​a></​html>​ |+| <​html><​a href="/​ONVOE/​Cels-800/​OTAKU_01t.jpg" target="​_blank"><​img src="/​ONVOE/​Cels-400-JPG/​OTAKU_01t.jpg"></​a></​html>​ |
 |<wrap bigger>​田中 ​ナエオ</​wrap>​\\ //Tanaka Naeo//​| ​ |<wrap bigger>​田中 ​ナエオ</​wrap>​\\ //Tanaka Naeo//​| ​
 | **Also known as:** Tanaka Sueo (田中 スエオ)| | **Also known as:** Tanaka Sueo (田中 スエオ)|