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-Welcome to the AnimEigo Wiki +Welcome to the AnimEigo Wiki. Here we document the materials produced in each of our crowdfunded limited-edition blu-ray sets.
 [[crisis:​bubblegum_crisis|Bubblegum Crisis]] [[crisis:​bubblegum_crisis|Bubblegum Crisis]]
 +[[gsc:​start|Gunsmith Cats]]
 [[onv:​otaku_no_video|Otaku no Video]] [[onv:​otaku_no_video|Otaku no Video]]
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 Also on this server: Also on this server:
-[[http://​madoverlord.com/​|Madoverlord.com]]+[[http://​madoverlord.com/​|Madoverlord.com]] ​(Robert'​s personal site)
-[[http://​selfpromotion.com/​|SelfPromotion.com]]+[[http://​selfpromotion.com/​|SelfPromotion.com]] ​(Archive of a site Robert developed)
 [[http://​archive.animeigo.com/​|Archive of old AnimEigo.com]] [[http://​archive.animeigo.com/​|Archive of old AnimEigo.com]]