Hayashi Hiroki

(Director - Revenge Road)

Mr. Hayashi works for AIC and his debut was the animation direction of Gall Force 2. He did the storyboards and direction of this series. His credits includes original stories and direction for AlC’s representative works in recent years such as Sol Bianca, Tenchi Muycl, El-hazard, and Dai-undco-kai. Currently he is the chief director of the BGC TV series.

I always liked machines as industrial products. So, I wanted to show the coolness of mecha, although not necessarily robots.

At the time I had just begun to do animation direction, and in Gall Force 2 I was something like assistant animation director under Akiyama Katsuhito. That got me the job of storyboarding episode 3 of Bubble, then I ended up to do the direction of the fourth episode. I can see now, I myself didn’t have a grasp of the entirety of what kind of story I was dealing with. As Akiyama-san was doing advisory, I did not have to have direct access to original creators.

However in episode 4-8, you could say that various directors and supervisors were able to do what they wanted to do, so even though there were foundational ideas. It was almost like I changed the scenario to suit my own tastes and got to do it my way!

Simply put, what I wanted to do in Revenge Road was to make cool Anime, and apart than that, project a sense of speed. Since I was a small child, I was not a big fan of giant robot stories or robot anime. When it comes to mechanical objects, I like ones of industrial products, so I wanted to depict the coolness of mecha but not robots. Very powerful cars and bikes are actually very difficult to drive, so I thought that I wanted to depict something about how amazing they are.

While I was working on BGC, I was with AIC; I remember that I revised the scenario, sometimes changing everything, and putting in a lot of effort without getting lots of sleep. Nowadays, I feel I could never work that way again. (laugh)

In order to have an opportunity to improve some aspects of the original BGC, I was given a chance to direct the upcoming TV series. The setting of the story is an expansion of the original BGC. Aramaki-san, another of the original BGC staff is included, so I think we will be just fine.

On the other hand, the entire mood and character designs have been changed quite a bit, so I'm worried that we’ll hear complaints (laugh). In fact, after all, I think that Sonoda-san’s character designs are truly a very big essential ingredient of the original show. However, I firmly believe in that we can improve BGC. I’m giving it my all, so please rest assured.