Tanaka Naeo
田中 ​ナエオ
Tanaka Naeo
Also known as: Tanaka Sueo (田中 スエオ)
First appearance: Otaku no Video
Voiced by: Sakurai Toshiharu
Gender: Male
Age: 21 (1985)
Height: 1.66m (5 ft 5.35 in)
Occupation: Otaku
Interests: Anime, manga


Tanaka Naeo is Kubo Takeshi's high school friend. He's a devoted anime researcher, particularly in the area of Sakuga. In his spare time, Tanaka also enjoys drawing manga.

Because he's accepted a life of bachelorhood, Tanaka tends to have a more relaxed overall way of life. His clothing, home life, and approach to decorating are generally less strict than that of his friend Kubo.


  • Tanaka's character is based on Gainax co-founder (and former president) Okada Toshio.
  • In the 1986 manga and 1990 anime Chibi Maruko-chan, Sueo is the given name of Maruo Sueo. He is Maruko's geeky, bespectaled elementary school classmate and the kind of class representative who takes his duty very seriously. This ties into the alternate reading of Tanaka's given name, Sueo.

Sakuga1) literally translates to “drawing”, or “illustrations.” In the context of anime, sakuga is used by fans to describe an animated scene or episode of particularly high quality, where the action is fluid, and attention to detail is incredibly high. Typically, these are important moments which need extra emphasis, like fight scenes or extra-dramatic turns of events.

In 2013, Colin Groesbeck delivered an introduction to the topic at Anime Central's "Sakuga: The Animation of Anime" panel.

Written in kanji: 作画