First appearance: Zoku Otaku no Video
Voiced by: Inoue Kikuko
Gender: Female
Height: 1.40m (4 ft 4.12 in)
Occupation: Junior high school student, magical girl
Transformation: Misty May
Misuti Mei
Height: 1.70m (5 ft 6.93 in) (with high heels)
Occupation: Magical super idol


Satsuki is the main character of Giant X's magical girl anime, and the second design created by Fukuhara. She's the quiet type, and is always being picked on by other students at school. But once she gets out her magical heart baton…. wow! She transforms into Misty May, the bodacious bunny suit-clad super idol! With her are two mascot animals: the lion cubs Posi-King and Nega-King, a combination cute enough to be merchandized as plush toys to school-going girls.


  • In the concept artwork, Satsuki is named Daikon (Asuka) Modoki. Daikon is possibly a reference to the DAICON animations, while one of the possible meanings of modoki is “look-alike” — she's a DAICON girl look-alike.
  • An earlier version of Misty with several design differences appears in opening animations for both episodes and the 1985 trailer.