A Totally Bodging Birthday (Events)

On December 8th, 2001, teams of maniacal young engineers descended upon the family mansion. Their mission: to create as much chaos and mess as possible – and to create magnificent Junkyard Wars Ping Pong Propelling Machines.

Armed with popsicle sticks, glue guns, cardboard, duct tape, and miscellaneous junk of all kinds, they turned a perfectly acceptable garage into a disaster area in under two hours.

The ensuing battle for Ping Pong Domination was without mercy, as teams bent the rules in every possible way. In particular, the two adult teams were particularly devious, setting a bad example that will scar the children for a long time. Robert's brother Timothy devised a paper airplane to which he attached a ping pong ball, and at one point was drubbing the other adult team, who had constructed a trebuchet!

They then one-upped him by filling their ping-pong ball full of water, and edged out a victory.

Prizes were not only give out to the best performers, but also to the most elegant machines and to the machines that failed in the most interesting and devastating ways.

Robert expects to be finished cleaning up the debris – and not sleeping on the couch anymore – sometime in early spring.

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