BoxSweeper for Eudora (Projects)

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What it does:

Starting with Eudora 5.2, it is now possible to check an incoming email to see if it matches against the contents of an address book. This is very useful if you want to prioritize your inbox, and if you are using anti-spam software, it can prevent the dreaded “false positive”.

BoxSweeper makes this feature easier to use. You simply dump all your saved email into BoxSweeper, and it scans all the emails, constructs a list of all the email addresses it can find, and tells Eudora to add them to an address book. Now you can, in a single filter operation, mark emails that have come from people you've previously interacted with.

Why use BoxSweeper?

Eudora has a simple method of creating new address book entries (CMD-K). This interface is great for maintaining lists of people you regularly get mail from, but keeping track of people you might get email from once a month, or once a year, is a bit of a pain. But with BoxSweeper, you can just sweep all the email addresses into an address book every couple of weeks, and be reasonably up to date.

How I use BoxSweeper and the Eudora Filters

I personally find the Eudora Priority Level system very useful for categorizing my email (I get over 500 a day, 300 of which are spam!). Eudora lets you set an email to be one of 5 priority levels, which I take advantage of in the following way:

First, I use BoxSweeper to construct an address book containing everyone I've saved correspondence from (I call it “Saved-From” but the name can be anything)

Next, each time I get my email, I filter all email that looks like spam to be lowest priority. I use a tool I wrote, TOLD, to flag email as spam; you can use any anti-spam software.

The next filter that runs checks the email against the Saved-From address book; if it matches, it raises the priority from Lowest to Low. That way, an email from someone I know, no matter how spammy, never gets lost in the lowest-priority spam crud.

Finally, I have found it useful to create 5 other address books (and 5 filters), one for each priority level, that let me assign email from particular frequent correspondents to particular priority levels. The Eudora CMD-K facility is great for adding small numbers of items to these books.

For example, all my mailing list subscriptions have entries in my “Priority-3 (Neutral)” address book, and all the people in my company are listed under “Priority-2 (High)”. My wife has a prominent listing in “Priority-1 (Highest)”, of course!

©2002 Robert Woodhead.

BoxSweeper is freeware.

Written in RealBasic. Use at your own risk (not because it's written in RealBasic, because it's written by me!)