2006 RFL Nationals Videos (Robots)

Totally Offensive had teething troubles and went 1-2, but our good buddies at Team Rolling Thunder won the 30lb class and went 1-2 in 12lb'rs - the good version of 1-2, where your bots take first AND second!

Here are videos of soome of the fights; they are from a hand-held camera with a variety of overexcited young cameramen, so please excuse the new-age shakycam. Sometimes we had two cameras on a fight; if so, I've encoded them seperately. Also, apologies in advance for any mistakes with the robot names. If you notice any mistakes, or problems with particular videos, please email me and let me know.

As these videos are encoded with the H.264 codec, you will need Quicktime 7 in order to view them. So if none of the videos play for you, that's probably the issue.

Anti vs. PopQuiz

Anti vs. Underwhere

CheapShot vs. KITT

CheapShot vs. KITT (fight 2)

CheapShot vs. Surgical Strike

CheapShot vs. TestBot

Death By Monkeys vs. 4th Horseman

Eugene vs. Ty

Goosfraba vs. 4th Horseman

Goosfraba vs. Death By Monkeys

ITSA vs. Nuclear Kitten

ITSA vs. Peregrine

LionHeart vs. Lunatic

Lunatic vs. IceCube

Nuclear Kitten vs. Silver Bullet

Relic vs. Elspfoddod

Relic vs. Elspfoddod (Camera 2)

Relic vs. Killabyte

Relic vs. Killabyte (Fight 2)

Shrederator vs. Ty

Shrederator vs. Ty (Camera 2)

Son of Whacky Compass vs. Joe 2.0

StarHawk vs. Psychotic Reaction

StarHawk vs. The Wall

StarHawk vs. The Wall (Camera 2)

Surgical Strike vs. Shove It

TestBot vs. Jostler

TestBot vs. ShoveIt

The Wall vs. Psychotic Reaction

The Wall vs. Psychotic Reaction (Camera 2)

Totally Offensive vs. Buggy Brick

Totally Offensive vs. Buggy Brick (Camera 2)

Totally Offensive vs. Xhilarating Impax

Underwhere vs. PopQuiz

Xhilarating Impax vs. Elspfoddod

Xhilarating Impax vs. Elspfoddod (Camera 2)

Xhilarating Impax vs. Killabyte

Xhilarating Impax vs. Killabyte (Finals)