Inexpensive Replacement Brush Caps for the S28 MagMotor

I go through a few of these brush caps every season, because the clamping studs I use on the Whyachi TWM-3RS gearbox used on Totally Offensive requires filing them down to permit the passage of 2 of the studs. There's only a couple of places you can get them, and the price is around $16.00 for a set of 4 caps! I think what's happening is that the only source of these caps in small quantities is Satcon (makers of the MagMotor) and that its such a low-volume item for them that their overheads jack up the price.

Anyway, this annoyed me so much that I tracked down the manufacturer of the caps. Their minimum order quantity was 500, and the price break for 1000 was so nice that for about 10% more I could get 1000 caps. So now I have a metric sh*tload of brush caps, and can offer them to the robot fighting community. Hopefully I have purchased a lifetime supply – for everyone in the sport!

Update 2017 - Apparently not a lifetime supply, I just ran out!