NPC Charity Open Videos (Robots)

This page contains 320×240 full rate Quicktimes of all of the non-insect fights recorded at the NPC Charity Open.

They are recorded as MPEG4 quicktimes, so you will need Quicktime 6 or better to view them. As they are fairly large and my bandwidth is not, please be patient as they may load quite slowly.

These videos are © 2004 AnimEigo / MMER. If you are a builder, you may make copies of the fights and interviews featuring your robot, for your personal use and for use on your team websites. All other use or redistribution is forbidden without written permission of MMER and AnimEigo.

The rating (from 1-10) is my personal subjective rating of how exciting the video segment is, for use in deciding which fights make any commercial DVDs. Your mileage may vary, and don't take any comments personally, after a full day of editing I get a bit sarcastic.

**Class** **Video** **Rating** **Description**
Special Hydraulic Robot 10 Demonstration of hydraulic walker
Special Rumble 8 Some good hits
Lightweight Mini Madd vs. Little Black Box 5 Good basic active fight
Lightweight Little Black Box vs. YU812 3 YU812's spinner breaks on the first hit
Lightweight Goosfraba vs. Insomnia 5 Goosfraba helps Insomnia do a Bozo the Clown doll impression
Lightweight Wipe Out #2 vs. HazMatXD 5 Wedge Wars!
Lightweight AGSMA vs. Prosecutor 6 The Prosecutor's arguments have trouble hitting the mark
Lightweight Backlash vs. J.R.C.V. 5 Backlash loses its bearings
Lightweight Slyder vs. Speed Bump 3 Wedge Wars!
Lightweight Amish Rebellion vs. Rotato 6 Hit me with your best shot... Ouch!
Lightweight Llamakazi vs. Peanut 4 Wedge Wars!
Lightweight Little Black Box vs. Goosfraba 5 Pushfest
Lightweight Wipe Out #2 vs. AGSMA 5 Decent fight, sticky ending.
Lightweight J.R.C.V. vs. Speed Bump 3 Pushfest
Lightweight Rotato vs. Llamakazi 8 A Ti shell makes for one of the sparkiest fights of the tournament
Lightweight Goosfraba vs. Wipe Out #2 7 Simple robots but great drivers!
Lightweight Speed Bump vs. Rotato 6 Rotato! It slices! It dices! It makes jullienne french fries!
Lightweight Wipe Out #2 vs. Rotato 5 There's a whole lot of spinnin' goin' on.
Lightweight Peanut vs. Amish Rebellion 5 Back and forth but with a surprise ending
Lightweight Slyder vs. Backlash 8 Backlash finally gets to the chewy goodness inside
Lightweight Prosecutor vs. HazMatXD 6 The Prosecutor runs into a Slick Defense Attorney
Lightweight Insomnia vs. YU812 8 Two spinners go at it bigtime
Lightweight Amish Rebellion vs. AGSMA 6 Good basic pushfest
Lightweight Backlash vs. Little Black Box 7 Great box rush at the start of the fight!
Lightweight HazMatXD vs. Llamakazi 5 Pushfest
Lightweight YU812 vs. J.R.C.V. 8 YU took an axe, and gave JR 40 whacks... per second!
Lightweight AGSMA vs. Backlash 5 Quick KO
Lightweight Llamakazi vs. YU812 6 YU812 tries to grind one out
Lightweight Backlash vs. Speed Bump 4 Speed Bump starts out in bad shape and things go down from there.
Lightweight YU812 vs. Goosfraba 4 Starts out good, but weapon failure ensues
Lightweight Backlash vs. Goosfraba 7 Backlash has a case of impotence. Jim just can't keep it up... right...
Lightweight Goosfraba vs. Rotato 2 Quick breakdown
Lightweight Goosfraba vs. Wipe Out #2 6 Good active fight
Middleweight Norbert vs. Red Square 5 Red Square finally manages to flip an opponent!
Middleweight floor jack vs. Papercut 9 Short but very explosive!
Middleweight Mjr. Punishment vs. Icewave 10 The robot went kaboom, daddy!
Middleweight Red Square vs. SubZero 4 Two flippers, but not much flipping
Middleweight Falconizer vs. Swamp Thing 7 Falconizer grinds one out
Middleweight Devil's Plunger vs. Easty Beast 7 Two great drivers show us how it's done
Middleweight floor jack vs. Blue Flame 10 One of the best fights of the year; nasty spinner vs. experienced flipper
Middleweight sabotage vs. Mjr. Punishment 5 Nice straightforward fight
Middleweight Adonai vs. WarSaw 6 Adonai teaches us how to handle a spinner
Middleweight Death Drum vs. Speed Bump XL 3 Both robots have problems
Middleweight Z.I.P. vs. Bot Named Sue 5 Basic fight
Middleweight SubZero vs. Falconizer 4 Falconizer's weapon wasn't working
Middleweight Devil's Plunger vs. floor jack 7 So what if my flipper got ripped off in the last fight? It's just a scratch! BN I can still take you, yah big pansy!
Middleweight sabotage vs. Adonai 5 A few nice lifts by Sabotage
Middleweight Speed Bump XL vs. Z.I.P. 4 Pushfest
Middleweight SubZero vs. Devil's Plunger 8 Nothing fancy. Just great driving.
Middleweight sabotage vs. Z.I.P. 8 Basic Brutal Bipartisan Buttkicking Bout
Middleweight Devil's Plunger vs. Z.I.P. 7 Two big bruisers bust each others ball-bearings.
Middleweight Norbert vs. Bot Named Sue 3 Pushfest
Middleweight Papercut vs. Mjr. Punishment 9 Papercut gets the Major to blow off some steam... or rather, some CO2
Middleweight Icewave vs. Blue Flame 4 Starts out great but both robots quickly get damaged.
Middleweight Norbert vs. Death Drum 4 Drum had spinup problems
Middleweight WarSaw vs. Papercut 7 Papercut's blade just barely scrapes along the top of WarSaw
Middleweight Blue Flame vs. Easty Beast 3 Early weapon breakdown makes for an easy victory
Middleweight Swamp Thing vs. Red Square 4 Thwackbot vs. speed bump
Middleweight Norbert vs. floor jack 6 Two two-wheeled triangular terrors tussle titanically!
Middleweight Papercut vs. Falconizer 7 Quick, fun KO
Middleweight Easty Beast vs. Speed Bump XL 5 Nice basic fight
Middleweight Red Square vs. Adonai 7 Adonai manages to get into Red Square's skirts, and gets flipped off for his cheekiness.
Middleweight floor jack vs. Falconizer 9 Evisceration... E-vis-cer-aaa-aaa-shun... It's makin' me hurt...
Middleweight Easty Beast vs. Red Square 7 This continues to be the tournament where Red Square actually manages to flip his opponents!
Middleweight Falconizer vs. sabotage 8 Brutal airtime!
Middleweight Red Square vs. SubZero 4 Red Square shreds his kevlar.
Middleweight Falconizer vs. SubZero 7 Falconizer rips off SubZero's flipping tongue, and then gets really mean!
Middleweight Falconizer vs. Z.I.P. 8 That drum on Falconizer is just plain mean.
Middleweight Falconizer vs. Devil's Plunger 7 Falconizer gets its wings clipped.
Heavyweight Botknocker19 vs. Final Verdict 4 Started out nice but slowed down
Heavyweight Corporal Punishment vs. Unit 3000-21 3 One sided
Heavyweight Warrior vs. Jack in the Bot 2 Quick KO
Heavyweight Karcas 2 vs. DEATH-MAUL 5 Decent basic fight
Heavyweight Verbal Abuse vs. Final Verdict 1 Final Verdict's spinner wasn't.
Heavyweight BladeSpinner vs. Corporal Punishment 6 Alas, Blade Bender is more like it
Heavyweight Megabyte vs. Warrior 9 Huge hit takes out both robots, but one a bit more than the other.
Heavyweight Karcas 2 vs. Verbal Abuse 6 Good active fight
Heavyweight Corporal Punishment vs. Megabyte 9 Big spinner vs. tough brick = gourmet damage!
Heavyweight Karcas 2 vs. Megabyte 7 De plow, boss! De plow!
Heavyweight Botknocker19 vs. BladeSpinner 3 Botknocker19 gets hammered.
Heavyweight Unit 3000-21 vs. Final Verdict 2 The final verdict is that the weapon's broke!
Heavyweight Jack in the Bot vs. DEATH-MAUL 5 Some nice bouncy hits
Heavyweight Warrior vs. BladeSpinner 3 Quick surrender by the Warrior
Heavyweight Final Verdict vs. Jack in the Bot 6 Final Verdict sweeps the dust off the arena floor
Heavyweight BladeSpinner vs. Verbal Abuse 4 Pushyfight
Heavyweight Final Verdict vs. Corporal Punishment 4 The final verdict on corporal punishment isn't good.
Heavyweight Verbal Abuse vs. Final Verdict 5 Getting hammered is the least of Final Verdict's problems.
Heavyweight Verbal Abuse vs. Megabyte 5 You have to spin to win, and Verbal Abuse rudely prevents Megabyte from getting up a head of steam.
Heavyweight Verbal Abuse vs. Karcas 2 5 Bumperbots
Super-Heavyweight Nitro SOW vs. OUCH!! 3 Lots of sound, no fury, thus signifying very little, alas.
Super-Heavyweight Bounty Hunter vs. Hogzilla 6 Lots of flips lead to a quick KO
Super-Heavyweight SHOVELHEAD vs. Steel Reign 6 Fun fight!
Super-Heavyweight Psycho Splatter II vs. Star Hawk 5 Active driving but weapons largely ineffective.
Super-Heavyweight Zeus vs. Tombstone 4 Early weapon loss = pushfest
Super-Heavyweight Super Megabyte vs. Steel Piranha 1 Two spinners that don't spin...
Super-Heavyweight THE BLACK KNIGHT vs. Mer Madd 6 Short, fun, noisy.
Super-Heavyweight Nitro SOW vs. Bounty Hunter 6 One day, perhaps in our lifetimes, Terry will get Nitro-SOW working properly. But not today.
Super-Heavyweight SHOVELHEAD vs. The Judge 6 The Judge puts a kink in his own, ahem, appendage.
Super-Heavyweight Star Hawk vs. Tombstone 8 Big sparks, big damage, great fight
Super-Heavyweight Super Megabyte vs. Mer Madd 8 Super Megabyte gets nibbled upon.
Super-Heavyweight Bounty Hunter vs. The Judge 9 Great back-and-forth battle!
Super-Heavyweight Tombstone vs. Mer Madd 9 Tombstone engraves its name on Mer Madd!
Super-Heavyweight The Judge vs. Tombstone 7 Lotsa pretty sparks in a fight that goes the distance.
Super-Heavyweight THE BLACK KNIGHT vs. Steel Piranha 3 Noisy and one-sided
Super-Heavyweight Zeus vs. Psycho Splatter II 3 Over quickly
Super-Heavyweight THE BLACK KNIGHT vs. SHOVELHEAD 6 Two big bruisers do the old bump and grind
Super-Heavyweight Psycho Splatter II vs. Nitro SOW 3 ICE bots really had a tough time in this tournament
Super-Heavyweight Steel Reign vs. Super Megabyte 8 Great fight, lots of shrapnel, lots of pluck on the part of Steel Reign
Super-Heavyweight OUCH!! vs. Star Hawk 8 Nice sparks!
Super-Heavyweight SHOVELHEAD vs. Psycho Splatter II 6 Rule #1: put stuff on your bot so it only has one stable position: wheels on floor!
Super-Heavyweight SHOVELHEAD vs. Mer Madd 8 Delicate driving delivery desired destiny.
Super-Heavyweight OUCH!! vs. Bounty Hunter 7 Bounty Hunter gets busted
Super-Heavyweight SHOVELHEAD vs. OUCH!! 3 Quick KO
Super-Heavyweight SHOVELHEAD vs. The Judge 8 Shovelhead uses Lexan to try and become Judgement-proof.
Super-Heavyweight The Judge vs. Tombstone 8 The judge floats belly up
12Pound VBT12 vs. Gone Postal 7 Gone Postal gets eviscerated!
12Pound Another Fierce Weed-Wacker vs. The Reading Terror Squad 7 Daddy, what's gyroscopic precession?
12Pound Spatula 2.0 vs. War Drums 5 Back and forth, some nice hits, but slows down at the end
12Pound VBT12 vs. Mace 3 Quick KO
12Pound Ricochet vs. Another Fierce Weed-Wacker 7 Massive hits early in the fight
12Pound Chigger vs. Rellik 4 Quick KO
12Pound VBT12 vs. Ricochet 8 See Ricochet Fly! Fly, Ricochet, Fly!
12Pound Chigger vs. Spatula 2.0 7 Good back and forth fight
12Pound VBT12 vs. Chigger 6 Two of the biggest little spinners in the sport tangle, and it's over in a flash.
12Pound Gone Postal vs. Natasha 5 Good basic driving fight
12Pound The Reading Terror Squad vs. Rellik 1 Rellik largely nonfunctional
12Pound War Drums vs. Mace 3 Basic bumping
12Pound Natasha vs. The Reading Terror Squad 4 Pushfest
12Pound Another Fierce Weed-Wacker vs. War Drums 1 AFWW fails to run
12Pound Natasha vs. Ricochet 4 Hold still so I can hit you! No, you hold still! No, you!
12Pound War Drums vs. Spatula 2.0 4 Starts out fine but then one bot just konks out.
12Pound Ricochet vs. Spatula 2.0 3 Fast little bots + great big arena = drive-by's
12Pound Ricochet vs. VBT12 4 Everybody sing! Spinner don't spin, pushybot dominate, Spinner don't spin, it no fun...
12Pound Ricochet vs. Chigger 6 Some nice hits
30Pound Morpheus vs. Totally Offensive 6 An earlier incarnation of Totally Offensive gets its frame twisted
30Pound Morpheus vs. Doom 4 Wedge Wars
30Pound Morpheus vs. Totally Manipulative 5 Couple of lifts, couple of good box runs
30Pound Morpheus vs. Puddle Jumper 5 Nice active bashfest
30Pound Totally Offensive vs. Doom 7 Quick KO, nice gyro action
30Pound Totally Offensive vs. Puddle Jumper 3 I was at the controls, which is why Totally Offensive was Totally Undriveable
30Pound Doom vs. Totally Manipulative 3 I yet again demonstrate my total lack of driving skill
30Pound Doom vs. Puddle Jumper 4 Basic fight
30Pound Totally Manipulative vs. Puddle Jumper 4 Just when you thought my driving couldn't suck worse, it does...
30Pound Morpheus vs. Doom 5 A long time ago, in an arena far, far away... Wedge Wars!
30Pound Totally Offensive vs. Puddle Jumper 6 Hilarious fight in which TO gets both drive motors knocked out and frame bent, and my son finds he can still pilot the robot by floating on the spinning blade!