Solidworks models for Robotic Combat (Robots)

Having finally gotten around to installing the copy of Solidworks we got for winning the 2004 RFL Nationals with Totally Offensive, I caught a major case of Solidworks disease (“the strange compulsion to make 3D models of everything you actually touch”). While I will not share with you the excellent, articulated 3D model of my wife (let's just say that the measuring was a lot of fun…), here is a 13MB archive of solidworks 2005 models that other builders might find useful.

This archive contains a few models that I adapted from other builder's models, but I can't quite remember where I got particular models; in any case, thanks. Other places where you can get robot combat part models include:

The Robot Marketplace: models of many of the parts they sell are available on the product pages.

Berserk Robotics: Motors, Wheels, Batteries, Whyachi T-box, Victor 883, other speed controllers, misc electronics.

Evil Robotics: Motors (incl. EV Warrior & Harbor Freight), Wheels, SLA batteries, structural tubing, simplified Victor 883.

Team Rolling Thunder: Most of the commonly used motors, SLA Batteries, power switches, contactors and relays, some speed controllers, and a couple of sprockets.

If you have a models page you'd like me to link to, please email me.

My archive contains models and assemblies (Solidworks 2005 commercial format, so SW2005 Personal Edition should load them) for: Aluminum angle and channel (parameterized so you can adjust them easily to match standard sizes), a Sub-C NiMH cell (with heat-saver rings) and hill-valley battery packs of various sizes, the Whyachi C1 Contactor, all 3 MS-series Whyachi switches, the Futaba FPR138DP 8-channel receiver and NR-4J Battery Pack, the GYA 350 Rate Gyro, the Robotlogic IMX-1 mixer, a few assorted nuts, bolts, buttonheads, bushings and grommets, several examples of Peter Smith's infamous nutstrip, and a complete assembly of the Whyachi TWM-3RS spinner gearbox with S28-400 Magmotor and rear support kit.

Newly added on 3/12/2006: more nutstrip, including 1D and 3D versions, and 0.25-square strip, the S28-150 MagMotor, with various endbell mods useful for mounting it with the TWM-3RS gearbox without using the rear support kit, an improved model of the Victor 883 with better modelling of the fan support posts (derived from Vrogy's model, IIRC), the Futaba NR-4K receiver battery pack, a 24V LED lamp, more grommets, more bolts (including a carriage bolt), a flanged bearing, a couple of clevis pins, and the Whyachi TWR-15 gearmotor and wheel, plus a driven-wheel assembly for it, and a grooved wheel model.

Here are some images of some of the models in the archive. Feel free to use the models in any way you want, except that you can't sell them. If you do repost some of them on your site, please link back to this site.