The Saga of Buff the RoadBuster

Painting Tutorial by Andrew Mayer

A custom garage kit model of Buff the Roadbuster was created for backers that supported the project at the “Nitrous-Injected” level and above.

The original sculpt was created by a well-known Japanese garage-kit sculptor, Yoshiyama Haruki

…but then we decided to have some fun.

* The sculpt was 3D-scanned, enlarged, and 3D-printed…

* …allowing us to produce a model kit in 1:43 scale.

* Alleged AnimEigo CEO Robert Woodhead did his own 3D-print in 1:24 scale, cleaned it up, and cast his own special version. His adventures as a 1st-time garage-kit manufacturer can be found here.

* The 3D scan STL files were published for everyone to play with.

* Backer Ironfuzz did just that, creating a very high-poly blender scene file and some excellent renders…