RFL 2005 National Championships Images (Robots)

Totally Offensive reigned supreme once again, going 3-0 and winning its second straight RFL Featherweight crown. The event was great, with titanic battles in all weight classes.

I was tasked to take “beauty shots” of the robots in the box before fights, and they can be found below. The thumbnails link to high-resolution images. If your robot appears, you are welcome to use the image as long as it is properly credited. Please be considerate of my limited bandwidth; some of these images are huge!

The following 1600 x 1200 images (about 600KB each) are ©2005 Robert Woodhead, [email protected]

The following 2848 x 2136 images (about 1.5MB each) are ©2005 Robert Woodhead, [email protected]

The following 3264 x 2448 images (about 5MB each) are ©2005 Dan Sokol, [email protected]