Rocket City Robot Assault Videos (Robots)

This page contains 320×240 full rate Quicktimes of all of the non-insect fights recorded at Rocket City Robot Assault.

They are recorded as MPEG4 quicktimes, so you will need Quicktime 6 or better to view them. As they are fairly large and my bandwidth is not, please be patient as they may load quite slowly.

These videos are © 2004 AnimEigo / SECR. If you are a builder, you may make copies of the fights and interviews featuring your robot, for your personal use and for use on your team websites. All other use or redistribution is forbidden without written permission of SECR and AnimEigo.

The rating (from 1-10) is my personal subjective rating of how exciting the video segment is, for use in deciding which fights make any commercial DVDs. Your mileage may vary, and don't take any comments personally, after a full day of editing I get a bit sarcastic.

**Class** **Video** **Rating** **Description**
Lightweight Medulla Oblongata vs. Shippo 3 Pushfest
Lightweight 'Cuda Spawn vs. Little Piece of Hate 6 Quick grindup
Lightweight Medieval Destruction vs. Ground Zero 6 Quick KO after some bouncy moments
Lightweight Crocbot vs. Mr. Fun 4 Nice blade of Mr. Fun vs. Crocbot's thick shell
Hobbyweight Chigger vs. Little Yellow Bus 7 One hit and that's all she wrote
Hobbyweight Ntertainment vs. Auto Destruct 5 Good back and forth battle
Hobbyweight Cheep Shot 2.0 vs. Mini V 4 Pushfest
Hobbyweight Pork Chop Jr. vs. Pushy Thing of Doom 4 Pushfest
Lightweight BlueHornet 60# vs. Toxic Dart 1 Both robots have big drivetrain problems
Hobbyweight Voices II vs. Test Bot 4 Voices II continues to think it's a ballet dancer
Featherweight Totally Manipulative vs. Xhilarating ImpaX 5 Your humble editor proves yet again what a bad driver he is
Featherweight P.I.T.R. vs. Sea Serpent 3 Mechanical problems spell doom.
Featherweight Persistant Itch vs. Badger 7 Badger delivers a little bit of the old Bump-N-Grind treatment
Middleweight Robo Wedgie vs. Aftershock 3 Pushfest
Middleweight Kobotsu vs. Anorexic Clown 6 The Clown goes Down
Middleweight Mean Green Fightin' Machine vs. No Mercy 6 Handstands in Gymnastics: Good. In Robotics, Bad.
Middleweight Nefarious vs. Jouster 3 Both bots have mechanical problems
Middleweight Major Punishment vs. The ERASER 3 Driving problems
Middleweight Killjoy vs. Designed for Destruction 7 Spin to win!
Lightweight Medulla Oblongata vs. The Droogosh 7 Pushybots rule
Lightweight Sparky vs. Dark Steel (Stainless) 5 Thwackbot vs. Flail Spinner
Middleweight Black Knight vs. Mad Dog 5 Mad Dog minus Motor = Pushfest
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. Crocbot 6 Nasty spinner vs. ridiculously thick armor!
Hobbyweight Bad Ass Bot vs. Auto Destruct 4 Wedge War
Hobbyweight Cheep Shot 2.0 vs. Push y Thing of Doom 3 Wedge War
Hobbyweight Very Bad Thing vs. Test Bot 9 Very Bad Thing does Very Bad Things, but very bad things can happen to greedy robots
Featherweight P.I.T.R. vs. ShredHead 5 ShredHead has drivetrain teething problems.
Featherweight Bipolar vs. Xhilarating Impax 4 Quickly becomes a push-the-other-robot-around-the-box fight.
Featherweight Totally Offensive vs. Badger 7 My kids' magmotor-powered lawnmower from hell makes its debut.
Featherweight Spazz Monkey vs. Wedgie of Doom 3 Wedge Wars: A long time ago in an arena far, far away...
Middleweight Mad Dog vs. Kobotsu 7 The Noise! The Smoke! The Debris! Oh my!
Middleweight Dark Striker vs. Mean Green Fighting Machine 5 Some nice sparks at the start
Middleweight The ERASER vs. Killjoy 6 Some big hits make for a nice fight
Middleweight The Jouster vs. Aftershock 4 Wedge vs. Thwackbot
Heavyweight Pinchpoint vs. Half Baked 3 Half Baked has traction issues.
Heavyweight SuperFly vs. Shrederator 8 SuperFly gets SuperWhupped
Lightweight BlueHornet 60# vs. 'Cuda Spawn 4 Pushfest
Hobbyweight Mini V vs. Pork Chop Jr. 4 A long time ago in an arena far, far away... Wedge Wars
Middleweight Black Knight vs. Anorexic Clown 6 The Clown depants the Knight
Middleweight The ERASER vs. Killjoy 6 Some big hits make for a nice fight
Lightweight Mr Fun vs. The Droogosh 6 Rookie sawbot Mr Fun learns how to chew solid food
Hobbyweight Ntertainment vs. Pushy Thing of Doom 5 As is traditional, Ntertainment loses one of its weapon discs.
Lightweight 'Cuda Spawn vs. Sparky 6 Sparky's flails are not very effective, but are very entertaining. And smoke is always a crowd-pleaser
Hobbyweight Mini V vs. Auto Destruct 4 Wedge War
Hobbyweight Chigger vs. VBT12 7 VBT12 does the dance of death
Featherweight Totally Manipulative vs. Spazz Monkey 4 Drivers duel leading to split decision
Middleweight Anorexic Clown vs. Mean Green Fight'n Machine 6 Another example of why clowns are not to be trusted
Middleweight Robo Wedgie vs. The ERASER 4 Mechanical failure ends fight
Middleweight Mjr. Punishment vs. The Jouster 5 Major Punishment applies a little corporal punishment
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. RU Sirius 7 Shrederator vs. polycarbonate armor, it ain't pretty.
Lightweight Medulla Oblongata vs. Dark Steel 5 Good basic fight
Lightweight Little Piece of Hate vs. Ground Zero 7 Two spinners and a loud ICE, what more could anyone want?
Heavyweight Pinchpoint vs. Bambulance 6 Truly silly pushing match between two robots and a bunch of railroad ties
Featherweight Sea Serpent vs. Badger 5 Lots of bumping and grinding
Middleweight No Mercy vs. Kobotsu 2 Quick disable, not apparent damage.
Middleweight Aftershock vs. Mad Dog 5 Early loss of weapon leads to pushing match
Lightweight 'Cuda Spawn vs. Mr Fun 4 Pushing match with a little grinding
Hobbyweight Little Yellow Bus vs. Bad Ass Bot 6 LYB nibbles away until it gets to the chocolatey goodness inside BAB
Hobbyweight Cheep Shot 2.0 vs. Test Bot 5 Energetic wedge warfare
Hobbyweight Chigger vs. Ntertainment 5 Prolonged duel but some nice flips
Hobbyweight Mini V vs. Voices II 5 Subdued fight by Voices standards, with no high degree-of-difficulty tumbling runs
Featherweight P.I.T.R. vs. Xhilarating Impax 5 Controversial rules decision results in a knockout
Featherweight Wedgie of Doom vs. Totally Offensive 6 T.O. chews on a wedge and takes a short flight
Featherweight Sea Serpent vs. Spazz Monkey 5 Bump Bump Bump until something breaks
Featherweight Persistant Itch vs. ShredHead 2 Shredhead can't translate
Middleweight Dark Striker vs. Killjoy 5 Should have been a great fight but early mechanical problems ensued
Lightweight Shippo vs. Dark Steel 3 Mostly pushing
Middleweight Anorexic Clown vs. Robo Wedgie 5 Basic fight
Lightweight Mr Fun vs. Ground Zero 8 Very quick KO; huge hit
Hobbyweight Voices II vs. Cheep Shot 2.0 5 Basic pushing match
Hobbyweight Chigger vs. Bad Ass Bot 4 Chigger scores KO W/O weapon
Middleweight Kobotsu vs. Dark Striker 4 No weapon = quick forfeit
Hobbyweight Little Yellow Bus vs. Test Bot 6 Good fight, nice damage, and a wedge that just won't die
Featherweight ShredHead vs. Totally Manipulative 8 Totally Manipulative gives ShredHead a helping hand -- or more precisely, helping arm -- in this extended test of the diminuitive disc of doom (Grudge Match)
Featherweight Persistant Itch vs. Wedgie of Doom 4 Wedge vs. Thwackbot
Lightweight Spazz Monkey vs. Sparky 5 Featherweight Spazz Monkey takes on Lightweight Sparky in this fun grudge match
Middleweight Anorexic Clown vs. Aftershock 4 The clown (finally) goes down
Lightweight Shippo vs. Ground Zero 6 Lots of good solid hits
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Superfly's Corpse 10 Shrederator takes on the remains of Superfly in this entertaining exhibition
Heavyweight Half Baked vs. RU Sirius 2 RU Sirius? This fight was half baked
Hobbyweight Chigger vs. Voices II 6 With Chigger's weapon out, this becomes a pushybot fight, but Voices II gets to show off a bit
Featherweight Sea Serpent vs. Persistant Itch 5 Good basic fight
Featherweight Xhilarating impaX vs. Totally Offensive 7 Great little fight between a fearless wedge and a nasty blade
Lightweight Medulla Oblongata vs. Little Piece of Hate 6 It's drumbot vs. thwackbot and the sparks fly!
Middleweight Aftershock vs. Kobotsu 4 Its always bad news when the weapon breaks
Middleweight Mad Dog vs. Killjoy 10 One of these bots gets literally eviscerated!
Hobbyweight Voices II vs. Test Bot 5 Typical tumbling Voices II fight
Featherweight Sea Serpent vs. Xhilarating impaX 5 Basic spinner vs. wedge
Heavyweight Half Baked vs. Pinchpoint 4 Pushyfight
Hobbyweight Rumble 5 Lots of bots bumpin' and grindin'
Featherweight Rumble 5 ShredHead becomes an arena hazard
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. Medulla Oblongata 6 Spinner's favorite snack: exposed wheels
Lightweight Rumble 5 Lots of bots bumpin' and grindin'
Hobbyweight Voices II vs. Chigger 5 Voices does his tumbling routine in this grudge match
Heavyweight RU Sirius vs. Robo Wedgie 4 Grudge Match
Heavyweight Pinchpoint vs. Bambulance 5 Two big bulls basically bash
Hobbyweight Test Bot vs. Little Yellow Bus 6 Lots of parts shed in this championship match
Featherweight Sea Serpent vs. Totally Offensive 6 Two spinners get down to business; forget strategy, just bash each other for the championship
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. Little Piece of Hate 5 Two spinners try to use strategy in the lightweight championship match
Middleweight Aftershock vs. Mad Dog 5 Mad Dog has no bite, so this championship match is a driver's duel
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Half Baked 6 Grudge match: will Half Baked be too much for Shrederator to chew on?
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. RU Sirius 8 Not so much a grudge match as Shrederator helping repack the opponent into a smaller box!