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Totally Offensive 2005
  • 2004 Robot Fighting League Featherweight Champion
  • 6.9lb, 22“ S7 Tool Steel Blade spinning at >3000rpm
  • S150 “Shorty” Magmotor weapon drive
  • Whyachi weapon and drive gearboxes
  • Custom reinforced battery bricks
  • Passive self-righting hoops

MadOverlord.com is the official website of the Woodhead/Ueki family, and should not be confused with EvilOverlord.com. While we agree in principle with the typical Evil Overlord's goal of World Domination, we feel that, frankly, they're much too goal-oriented, and not much fun. They spend way too much time actually doing the boring conquering stuff, and not enough time doing the fun “enjoying the fruits of conquest.”

Thus Robert “Trebor the Mad Overlord” 1) Woodhead, Natsumi “Power behind the throne” 2) Ueki, and our two little Mad Overlords in Training, James and Alex, have created this little website so that you can see just how much fun being deranged (but happy!) megalomaniacs can be!

This site is updated fairly infrequently; it's basically a record of weird projects we've done.

Recent additions to the Site

Using my HD camera and the Exilim EX-F1, the boys and I captured some good footage of the combat robot fights from RoboGames 2008. The robot, on the other hand, didn't do so well, literally flaming out of the competition when the battery melted down!

I've been playing with the Casio Exilim EX-F1 camera and getting some interesting high-speed video, with subjects including combat robotics, coke and mentos, and miscellaneous breakitude.

Created a web-based EVE Online Skill Monitor for the iPhone / iPod Touch. It also runs on desktop browsers quite nicely.

Wrote up a short tutorial on how to remember all your Credit Card PIN numbers, no matter how many you might have.

Added some videos from RoboGames 2007.

Added a short build/prep report on Totally Offensive 2007.

Videos of the fights from the 2007 Carolina Combat event.

A recent project is WebLord, a mapping program for StarWeb.

Older News

Videos of the fights from the 2006 RFL Nationals are now online.

A Design and build report for Totally Offensive 2006 is now available.

Project BrightSaber is my attempt to put a lighted LED display inside a Totally Offensive weapon blade.

Videos from Motorama 2006 are now online.

Initial build report for our new 60lb robot, Utterly Offensive is now available.

Totally Offensive went 3-0 and successfully defended its RFL Featherweight Crown at the 2005 Nationals. Images and video can be found here.

I've written a sophisticated Sudoku Susser in the hopes that it will help maintain the sanity of legions of Sudoku-obsessed Britons.

My attempt to reglue the magnets on a S28-150 MagMotor.

Build report on the 2005 edition of Totally Offensive.

Edited fights from the 2004 Nationals.

Edited fights from the NPC Charity Open.

Totally Offensive, James and Alex's robot, is now the 2004 Robot Fighting League National Champion in the 30lb class!

Edited fights from Rocket City Robot Assault.

Build report on the kid's new robot, Totally Offensive.

Edited fights from the Battle Beach II.

Edited fights from the 2003 Triangle Series Nationals.

I've uploaded about 150 fights and interviews from Robot Assault 2003.

Anorexia took second place at the Robot Club & Grille April Tournament!

Created a tutorial on configuring the Futaba 9CAP radio to do in-radio one-stick mixing.

Added a quick primer on getting the 'small johnson' motors to work with the Team Whyachi T-Box.

Red Menace got beaten up a bit but Anorexia did OK at Battle On The Beach.

We had fun at the Pinewood Derby and Kennedy Space Center.

To give the kids something to play with, I whipped up some antweight robots in merely an hour.

I've just posted a build report on my new robot, Anorexia.

Red Menace went 0-2 again, but much fun was had at Robocide.

We went to Universal Studios Florida for Xmas 2002.

Lots of images and video from the North Carolina Robot Street Fight 12/02!

Battlebot fever has struck again!

After much bugging by the kids, Robert finally got around to building and fighting a BattleBot.

James' 9th party was a totally junky affair!

The boys took their Karate advancement tests and got seriously belted!

James and Alex entered their first Karate tournament, and their Kung-Fu WAS good enough!

The most recent installment of our climbing adventures is entitled Red Head vs. Hard Rock.

The devastation that was James's 8th Birthday party (as planned by Dad) is documented here.

Just for fun, here's a sorted list of almost 600,000 english words, composite words and names.

And, tired of not being able to solve that silly Peg Game Puzzle that Cracker Barrel puts on every table, Robert wrote a program to play all the possible games and has finally (2 years later!) gotten around to putting the results on the web.

Robert is the co-author of Wizardry, one of the first computer “dungeon” games, and so has been known as “Trebor the Mad Overlord” since 1980. Anyone else using the name “Trebor” on the internet is an imposter and will be visited by his Ninja Death Squad
Also the power in front of the throne, to the left and right of the throne, above the throne, and, if she wants to be, on the throne